Shop Local.
Earn Rewards.


Shop Local

Nearly 4 times more money stays in our communities when we shop local. Support independent businesses!

Pay and Go

Pay through the app and get rewarded for shopping local.


Get LocalCash back within the Localight Network, when you link your eligible card

Loyalty Levels

2% - 5% back within the Localight Network. Plus, double-dip the benefits of your favorite credit card!
Fast deploy

Don't spend your time on creating additional pages and components. We create everything for you. Customize and deploy website!


We create a lot of custom elements. They are lightweight and fast. With copy and paste feature you can easily use them for your needs.

Best practices

We spend a lot of time to research tons of different software website from top companies to collect all best practices in one place.

Earn new customers!

Easy. Takes 60 seconds.
Turnkey marketing solution.
No monthly fees.

Exclusive FOR Merchants

Our payment system?
We chose Heartland.

You should, too.

The benefits.

For the Merchant:
Localight is a contactless payment and rewards app that shifts spending to local businesses. One rewards program. One powerful network effect. No complicated setup or hardware. No monthly fees. Works with any Point of Sale System. Just opt-in and start rewarding your loyal customers.

For the Customer:
Search, identify and support your favorite independent merchants. Connect your account and earn 2%-5% back with each purchase within the Localight network. This ensures that your money recirculates in the local economy and your loyalty is duly rewarded.

Opt in.
Takes 60 seconds.

Put your business growth on autopilot. Your business needs automatic marketing the brings in new customers, rewards loyal customers, and keeps more money in our local economy. It only takes a minute to register.