When is this rolling out in my area?

We work with regional economic development partners to offer Localight to independent businesses.

Do I need special POS equipment or integration?

No. You will see LocalCash payments immediately in your merchant dashboard. This dashboard is simply a link that can be viewed on any device and you can share it with your staff to confirm transactions.

When will customers be able to use Localight?

On October 21st, 2023 the general public will be invited to use the Localight app at your business. Starting in September private groups of consumers have been invited to use it.

How do Loyalty Levels work? 

Loyalty Levels increase revenue per receipt, and here is how. When a Localight customer pays with the app the initial earning rate is 2%, but they will see an offer to earn 3% if they spend over a certain amount. They might increase their order, or come back more frequently to reach the 3% loyalty level. This repeats at your business for the 4% and 5% Loyalty Levels. You can see who your most loyal customers are in the merchant dashboard by checking their Loyalty Level.